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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

As masters in garage door springs of all types, we promise exceptional repair services and emergency adjustment of torsion and extension springs

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our company provides fast and effective garage door opener services delivered only by the most qualified and skilled technicians.

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

As experts in garage door replacement and installation, we guarantee proper operation and safety

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Complete garage door services serving all year-round!

These top tips will help maintain your garage door and add a sparkle to the exterior of your home.

Keep garage openers out of reach from children

Children, in general, do not have a sense of safety and danger. Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa suggests that the garage door remote control should be placed in a location which is out of your small children’s reach. For one, when the remote is damaged, the entire system will be affected, and it will cause inconvenience on your part and potential injuries.

Make sure that your family is well informed

This means that every member of your family, including your little ones, should understand the use and purpose of your garage door. Children should realize that the door is not a toy, or a part of the playground. If possible, tactfully explain the dangers associated with incorrectly using the functions of the door.

Paint preparation for your garage door

Proper preparation is the key to ensuring you gain a good quality and lasting finish. Remove any spots of rust or peeling paint with sandpaper and all grime or dirt on the surface of the door. Ensure the door is completely clean and dry before applying any paint or primer. Prevent any paint from getting on the door frame or siding by covering edges with tape. Lift the door a little to allow a tarp, cardboard or plastic underneath. This will protect the floor from drips or spills.

Insulated garage door

Investing in an insulated garage door is worth the cost because of the energy efficiency factor especially if there is a room attached to the garage. Insulation helps in regulating the temperature of the garage and the room. Secondly, it's a durable option as it increases the firmness of the door and makes it resistant to dents.

Make sure your garage is a quiet place

Squeaky garage door parts require lubrication maintenance and sometimes replacements. Rest assured that loud noises come from rusty parts and intense friction among them. It may also be the result of an old and noisy chain drive garage door opener. Make sure all these parts are lubricated twice every year and tighten the nuts and screws of the garage door hinges and brackets.

Refrain from installing garage doors alone

The way garage doors are installed will determine the proper operation of the system. If the door isn't properly installed, you will have serious problems with the operation and safety from the very start. Avoid doing garage door installation on your own and prefer the services of our Costa Mesa expert professionals. After all, installation is a tricky process involving many steps and garage doors are very heavy.

Fitting a sectional garage door

You must have enough headroom if you want to have a sectional garage door to be fitted. Inspect your side walls to make sure that it will not affect your utility wires for gas and electricity. Our technicians will do a thorough inspection and installation to maintain safety.

Why lubricants are part of maintenance care

Spraying on a special lubricant product on the moving parts of your garage door will help keep your unit working right. Garage door specialists in Costa Mesa suggest doing this step at least once a month to loosen up the moving components and control the amount of dirt buildup.

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