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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

Are you looking to replace that worn out garage door? There are many reasons to replace your garage door; it could be because of damage or mechanical failure or you are upgrading from a wood door to a craftsman door.

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Garage Door Remote

Garage Door Remote

garage door repair Costa Mesa Remotes" engages in all garage door services regardless of their complexity. We earned the reputation as being the best in the area. One of the ways that we earned this reputation is by doing our garage door remote service.

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Garage Door Services

Garage Door Services

Did you know that the land within the borders of Costa Mesa today was once originally part of the larger Rancho San Antonio land grant given to Jose Antonio Yorba in 1801? The area started seeing Anglo settlers after the Mexican American War ended in the 1840s.

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We promise excellent quality garage door repair parts, great garage door panels, well-trained technicians and the most efficient garage door repair services in California. We are at your service for your 24 hour emergencies and guarantee outstanding garage door replacement.Garage Door And Opener Issues In Costa Mesa

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Our company, Garage Door Service Costa Mesa, is proud to be part of this thriving society, which encourages innovative ideas and nurtures the residents efforts to individually contribute to the common good. We engage in garage door repairs, replacements and installations.

Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa 24/7 Services

Yet, we give an extensive emphasis on garage door openers because they are crucial parts of the whole system. Without them, the entire operation may fail to function since they are, actually, responsible for the opening and the closing of the door. When they were first introduced in the market in the 1920s, people welcomed them with joy. Operating a garage door automatically without having to lift a finger was a small miracle at those ages and still is today.Garage Door Repair Costa Mesa, CA

Openers work with different mechanisms and you can choose whichever you please depending on your expectations because the opener types vary according to the noise level and the price.

The chain drive is your first option and, in fact, the cheapest of all three types. It operates with a chain and, as a result, is pretty noisy. Hence, it will depend on your preferences since many people cannot stand loud noises while others prefer loud sounds for security reasons (in case an intruder tries to break in the house through the garage). Of course, if your bedroom or your living room is located exactly above your garage, you would probably want to select another drive motor. The chain drive would also require a lot of maintenance to prevent from premature damage of the chain.

The screw drive is the best option for those who prefer fast openers and minimum maintenance. This type of opener is also less noisy, but it is slightly more expensive than the chain drive.

The last choice is the belt drive, which is similar to the chain drive without the noise since it operates with a rubber belt. It is very durable, silent, but relatively more expensive than the other two types.

In any case, our experts can help you make the right choice as well as guide you before you take final decisions about your old garage door or the purchase of a new one.

Are you ready to purchase a new garage door?

Do you know how to choose a new garage door? Do you know that there is a vast variety of options in terms of color, material, dimension and sizes? Our people in Garage Door Company Costa Mesa will give you the best advice and direct you according to your needs and your budget. Don’t let anyone mislead you into buying an overpriced door which might also be of poor quality. Our company carries a great variety of garage doors and hence you can choose the one that suits your taste, your home and your business. Remember, your garage door must meet certain criteria since it will ensure the security of your private property and your safety. Our technicians have the expertise and a long experience to install your garage door properly since they are insured, bonded and licensed to satisfy your requirements.

If your garage door is off track, if you have broken springs, a broken garage door or need a new garage door opener, we are the garage door company you can count on. You can give us a call anytime you need us, so if you accidentally back your car into the garage and need it repaired or replaced, we’re you’re go-to people. Other services that we provide include:

    Garage door opener repair and installation
    Torsion spring replacement and repair
    New garage door installation
    Garage door replacement
    Genie installation and repair 
    LiftMaster repair and installation

Among other important garage door parts, you should pay attention to the superb condition of the sensors. They, actually, became a necessity soon after the invention of automatic garage doors since many accidents, plenty of which were fatal, occurred due to damaged electric doors. In fact, a new law was passed in the United States in 1993, which obliged manufacturers to embody photo electric and sensitive sensors to all automatic garage doors. Since then the technology has been improved further and, nowadays, all automatic garage door openers work with sensors and, hence, accidents have been minimized to minimum.

Thus, it is important that our technicians would regularly inspect the condition of the sensors and ensure that they are functioning perfectly. In fact, you can check their working order as well by placing an object underneath the closing door. If the sensors don’t reverse the movement of the door or stop it completely, you should give us an emergency call immediately.

When you’re ready to look through our garage doors selection, you will find that there are different brands to pick from, like Genie, Intellicode, Skylink, Clopay, Craftsman and LiftMaster. Also, you can choose the type or garage door you want, such as rollup, manual, automatic, carriage or overhead.

Then there are different materials you have the option of picking, like glass, aluminum, metal and wood. Choose a garage door with or without windows and with the design that you feel best suits your commercial or residential property.

Give Garage Door Opener Costa Mesa a call to have one of our garage door technicians come to your home for an estimate and/or to provide you with the services that you need. You can have your garage door installed, repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Call us now to get more details!

When Insulated Garage Doors are a Must

Garage DoorYou may own a powerful HVAC system but your home will never reach the ideal temperatures if you are losing energy. During the summer, your house will resemble the Sahara desert and in the winter you would feel as if you were in Alaska. Most houses have attached garages and the temperatures in there would affect the temperatures of the whole house.

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